ProvSec 2015 Student Grant Program
The ProvSec 2015 student grant program provides stipends to assist with travel and accommodation expenses for full-time students whose paper is accepted and will present the paper at ProvSec 2015.

Stipend applications would be available on our Web site on August 24th.
Application deadline for stipends is September 7th.
Notifications of eligible applicants will be sent around 10 days after the deadline.

Please read the rest of this page carefully;
it contains important information regarding materials and deadlines.

Quick Reference for Applicants
  1. Complete the online grant application form (already closed). Your Statement is the most important part of your application: it should describe your current research projects and how the conference will relate to it and be helpful, and claim how your paper is attractive to ProvSec 2015 attendees.
  2. Ask your supervisor to email a recommendation to ProvSec 2015 Organization Committee (email address: The advisor is required to send the email from the advisor’s email address specifying the affiliation, not from the Gmail or Yahoo email address.
  3. Do make conference reservations on or before the application deadline.
  4. Send your student ID: fax it to +81-82-422-7195 or send a hard copy to

    ProvSec 2015 Organization Committee
    Attn: (Prof) Toru Nakanishi
    c/o Department of Information Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering,
    Hiroshima University
    1-4-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8527 JAPAN.

    Please state on the fax or on the head of the letter that "a grant applicant to ProvSec 2015".
  5. All materials must arrive at ProvSec 2015 organizing committee on or before the application deadline. Late applications and materials will not be considered.
  6. Eligible applicants will be determined by the paper and the statement.
  7. Stipend grants will be determined by comparative assessment among applicants.
  8. Grants will be issued on site of ProvSec 2015, where the eligible applicant is required to bring the followings:
    • Your student ID
    • Your passport
    • Your supervisor’s recommendation
    • A copy of the payment receipt of your flight to Japan
    • Stub of your air ticket
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the ProvSec 2015 Conference,