Information on Visa Applications

All participants of ProvSec2015 should be very careful about visa requirements and should make travel plan in advance enough. Visitors are fully responsible for acquiring all documents needed for entering Japan.

Japan provides waiver of visa requirements with more than 60 countries and regions. Please refer to the recent status on the visa waiver program from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA).

If you need a visa for attendance, you should prepare all required documents according to the visa information page by MOFA. If you have any questions, please contact diplomatic establishments of Japan in your residential area.

We will issue an invitation letter for a registered author of ProvSec2015 upon request. If you need an invitation letter for visa application, please kindly send the following documents to provsec2015-visa (at) after paying the registration fee via ProvSec2015 website. (You can download a copy of participation information sheet and schedules of stay sheet from here.)

  • Filled participation information sheet for invitation letter (MS-word and PDF format).
  • Photo-copy of your passport (PDF format). (The page which your photo and passport number are included.)
  • Photo-copy of student identification card (PDF format), if you are student. (The page(s) which your photo, name, and ID number are included.)
  • Photo-copy of employee identification card (PDF format), if you are employee and you will attend to ProvSec2015 as just an audience. (The page(s) which your photo, name, and ID number are included.)
  • Filled schedules of stay sheet (MS-word and PDF format)
  • Recommendation (PDF format), if you will attend to ProvSec2015 as just an audience. Your supervisor’s affiliation, signature, and contact information (postal address, phone number, and e-mail address) should be included in this document.

We will respond with a detailed procedure for invitation letter request. Please make sure to make a registration for ProvSec2015 before the request.


  • Visa application to MOFA may take a long time. Please do it well before the deadline!
  • We will normally respond to the first request in a few days.
  • After receiving all required information, we will normally handle your requests in 1 or 2 weeks and the letter will be sent by a postal mail.
  • We do not issue any form of “a letter of guarantee.”
  • In principle, we will issue invitation letters only for authors. In case of participants who are not authors but intend to attend ProvSec2015, let us know his/her visa request with supervisor’s recommendation letter to verify his/her identification.
  • We hold rights to request any additional information and/or to decline your application for invitation letters.

About privacy:

According to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies and others of Japan, the information submitted to ProvSec2015 in this page will be kept secret and used only for processing the invitation letter requests. In some cases, ProvSec2015 will share those information with a part of organizing committee members concerned for resolving issues (e.g. checking registration status and paper acceptance etc.). We will not use any information received for other purposes, except those required by laws and rules of Japan.